Increasingly common with sms loans

Sms loans and quick loans were introduced in Sweden in 2006. Since then, a lot of negative has been written about this form of loan which aims to help people who receive unforeseen costs. Nowadays it can be noted that fast loans have become an increasingly accepted and established form of loan in Sweden.


Black painted in media since 2007

sms loan

The majority of people who have never been in contact with SMS loans have a preconceived and negative view of this type of loan. It is probably the consequence of the negative image that the media has painted for the public.

Nevertheless, fast loans have become an established credit service and a form of loan used by hundreds of thousands of Swedes. This is sufficient proof that there is a high demand for small and short-term loans.

Despite the negative writing of all these years, Angela Gord is trying to see the positive in the whole. Hopefully, borrowers are now becoming more cautious and careful before choosing to apply for a mobile loan as well as being more careful in choosing which loan company they choose to apply from.


The positive development of fast loans

The positive development of fast loans

Recent statistics from the Swedish Crown Enforcement Agency confirm the positive development of SMS loans in Sweden. The report prepared by the Crown Prosecution Service shows that the number of unpaid fast loans has decreased by 10% compared to the same period last year.

Already last year, it was noted that there has been a positive trend break with regard to unpaid sms loans and it is gratifying that it persists.

Angela Gord believes that the positive development may be due to the fact that the loan form itself has now been established and accepted in a completely different way than the first years when the loan form was completely new. Furthermore, it is speculated that borrowers also have a greater understanding of the consequences of an unpaid bill, whether for a small loan or a mobile bill.

The subject of personal finance has simply become more relevant, which has probably led to people with poor repayment ability no longer seeing sms as an alternative. Something that confirms that theory is Angela Gord statistics on the repayment ability of her customers who are moving in the right direction in development.


Sms loans in the future

Sms loans in the future

Angela Gord looks bright on the development and looks forward with good hope that the Swedish credit market will constantly develop with innovative and modern financial services that facilitate Swedes’ everyday lives. Angela Gord will always strive to offer the most suitable loan form that the situation requires for you as a borrower.