1300 net credit | Get a help from a small loan

If you are looking for a loan, you have to dig through a sea of ​​offers, always hoping that you will end up where you want to go. Because loans are now available in such different forms that it is very difficult for laypeople to keep track of them.

There is a lot on offer especially in the area of ​​small loans. For example, if you are enthusiastic about an installment loan, you can not only set the loan amount completely freely, but also specify how long the repayment should take and what monthly installment amount is desired. In addition, the bank or the lender does not even have to be told what the money from the small loan is needed for in the case of an installment loan. It is simply available and can be used freely. For example with a loan with 1300 net.

Small loans also have rules

Small loans also have rules

Now all of this may sound pretty nice and simple. And advertising also likes to suggest that taking out a loan, especially a small loan, is very easy. Unfortunately, this is only easy if the borrower can meet certain requirements. Because no bank is giving away their money, but instead lending some conditions to the award, which – in order to reduce the risk of default – should be fulfilled.

With a 1300 net loan, the prospective customer signals that his income tends to be in the lower range. Although it is above the garnishment allowance for unmarried and non-maintenance persons, it is therefore suitable for borrowing. However, since there is no particularly high income, the bank will most likely only agree to the small loan already mentioned. Even a car loan where the vehicle is considered collateral can be a little difficult with this income.

However, it looks a little different with a consumer loan. If you want to buy a new TV or a new washing machine with the help of a loan with 1300 net, you will be able to do so without any problems. Because with a consumer loan – unlike the other types of credit – the amount of income is rather secondary. The only thing that counts in the first step is that there is income and that a good Credit Bureau is given. The latter is another requirement that every borrower should meet when borrowing.

Banks located in Germany only grant a loan if the borrower agrees to query Credit Bureau. This is also the case for a 1300 net loan. you will not be presented with a loan contract for signature beforehand. In addition, the loan is always entered in the Credit Bureau, which can reduce the creditworthiness under certain circumstances.

Since the income of a loan with 1300 net is already a weak point, it may be that the creditworthiness is weakened by the taking of the loan to such an extent that further loans are initially not possible. On the one hand, this may seem unfavorable. On the other hand, you should also see it as a protective shield, which ensures that there is no over-indebtedness and that the debt is correctly repaid.

Where can you find good offers?

Where can you find good offers?

The easiest way to take out a loan with 1300 net over the Internet. A sufficient number of offers are presented here, which are accompanied by good conditions and can be ordered comfortably from the sofa.

With the help of a loan calculator, different offers can be compared. Upon request, the bank that has the best offer can be consulted directly after the comparison. The credit agreement will then be exchanged by mail with the bank, which will transfer the money to the borrower’s account after signature.